Tuesday, May 4, 2010

east cape, mexico

east cape, or the area north of san jose del cabo, all the way to los barriles, is where we have been for the past 2 days, and will be the last two days of our trip. it is really nice here. although pretty much all gringo and little culture, especially compared to todos santos, but the water is warm and calm (mostly) and still plenty of good food. by nine am today, we had gotten in a walk on the beach, a swim and a kayak session (more later on that). convenient.

we are heading to try to get in some high quality snorkeling at cabo pulmos. yesterday afternoon brought really high winds ( i did say mostly, concerning calm winds), so the water is a bit churned up.

our worst experience on the trip occured two nights ago. we went to a restaurant that seemed popular. i ordered a marguarita that was the worst marg of my life! i kid you not. one of the worst drinks of my life, and that includes college. it had a lot of orange juice and soda water in it. fortunately we had not ordered dinner yet, and we high tailed it out of there.

there are some cool old hotels around here. although they cater entirely to fairly affluent american clientele, they are beautiful buildings with tons of character, and right on the beaches.

yesterday went "ocean" kayaking, for our first time. an ocean kayak is like a white water boat, but open on top. extremely stable and able to ride swells and waves with ease. pretty good in calm water too.

okay, sorry i do not have pictures to post. i forgot my usb cable. will put some up when we get home. heard it has been snowing and cool. i am looknig forward to warm spring weather and green landscape (no green to be had here). but for now, it is off to the beach, for sun and sand.

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