Wednesday, May 12, 2010

back home

well, we are back. heard we missed some fine mt. weather. i sure did miss out on that. believe me, 80 degrees, sunny and on the beach with warm pacific water got boring. NOT!

so, things are shaping up here. one thing great about coming home is the greenery. man, it is bright and beautiful. and that is something missing in mexico at this time.

biking in and around the valley is great right now. the trail runs thru it is shaping up, if you are interested in checking it out. plus, all the valley trails are dry and for the most part, clear. it should not be too long before we can explore some of the bigger rides around.

heard the boating has been good, and with this warm weather (yes, it was us that brought it home to you, because, we love you all so much, and wanted everyone to be happy) the water levels should be on the rise. with a small upper snowpack, the peak season could be short, so might be good to find some time to get on the rivers. myself, the first sunny, warm weekend day, should find me flailing in my canoe, trying desperately to not swim,. for that water is surely still quite cold (say, 32.1 degrees?).

climbing up at kookanusa is in prime form. not too hot yet,but always plenty of sun and warm rock. and great camping sites on both sides, to make a weekend or two day trip.

i have no idea how the fishing is. anyone want to comment? i will try to find someone who is willing to share some info without giving up their trademark secret spots.

hiking is starting to shape up, but obviously not likely to get up too high without finding snow. however, i did come across a guy who was running laps up the initial 1.5 miles uphill section of columbia mountain. great workout and way to be ready as snow fades away.

that's about it for now. but i promise a few pictures and story or two from mexico that should bring a smile or two.

lastly, please look at the recent post from RMO. sounds like a great event coming up on may 20th, at WF lake lodge. getting psyched for summer fun.

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