Tuesday, May 25, 2010

check this out


go ahead and highlight this and put into your browser. this article brings light to an upcoming race this summer, and how one man, has too much time without enough to do. ( perhaps like my time spending writing blogs, but he does this full time). anyway, read the article, then the comments, which are quite humorous, unless you feel sorry for keith. then stay up to date on the issue and write some comments to the usfs when the time comes. i will keep that up to date as well. this could be a signiture event in the area. these ultra marathons are never going to attract thousands of participants, likely not even hundreds. they are brutal events, for the fittest of the endurance athletes. and unlike a road event, if you quit somewhere along the line, your day is not done. you still have to get out. only the strongest (and perhaps most feeble of mind) enter such events. best to support it, read about it, then enjoy a nice day hike or multi-day trip, with tents, bags, food and even a drop or two.

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