Friday, April 30, 2010


well, it has been a bit breezy and cool, so it has not been all lying on the beach and getting burnt. but there has been enough of that. plenty of great food and margs. wish i could send some great surfing stories and pictures, but i am not a surfer. that would be like snowboarding. (which is to say i am not coordinated enough to do it).

on wednesday we happened by a local surf bar, probably 3/4 gringos, but not all. it is owned by a cool young guy from san diego, who speaks as easily with the true locals as he does with all the transplants. todos santos is not too gringo that one feels like they are in southern california, but overall, there are alot. some comfort in that, and sometimes i wish i could blend in better. anyway, at the "sandbar" bar, not unlike the Bierstube in appearance and feel, there came along a special guest. turns out G-Love is doing a documentary, along with a few surfer pro buddies of his, sponsored by Pacifico, on the making and inspiration of his upcoming album. this brought in a massive crowd of perhaps 150. yep. it was hopping. of course, all the best looking gals were there, trying to catch his eye. which had been caught just a few days earlier by likely the hottest girl about. he played for about 45 minutes, and it was quite fun. not great. not sure if it was the sound or just that his music does not turn me on, but it was fun. we had two of the best bar seats in the place, as we had gotten there around 7pm to try their "all you can eat pizza" for 80 pesos (about $7us right now). and it was quite good. not second street pizza quality, but better than any US chain, and way better than we expected.

while we were sitting at the bar, oh, around 9 pm, a gal getting a drink about two people away said out of nowhere "chris miller?". i did not recognize her at first, so she asked, "are you chris miller?". i could not deny who i am, so i said yes. turns out is is Caroline Mcentire, ex of whitefish, from the mid 90's. she has recently bought a place here and loves it. seems like she is not missing the ski lifestyle at all.

i have always loved the small world feeling that when lucky, occurs wherever you are.

so, i hope i haven't lost too many readers with a lack of posts, but it is off season. soon there will be tons, as i once again return to the flathead and try to get out somewhere everyday. and please, please, send this along to friends, write in comments or posts and get out and have some fun, you hogs. time to get to the beach.

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  1. Sounds like a great trip.

    Maybe Brad or Erich will write about their fun with enemies of the state.