Thursday, May 20, 2010


for those of you who do not know, there is a whole bunch of new trail completed on the Whitefish Trail, (the name just recently and officially changed from "the trail runs thru it"). you can start at two locations near town. one is off the Lion Mtn Loop road. drive as if going to state park off hwy 93 north. go past the golf course, veer right on State Park rd., then go straight thru the stop sign (but do stop first, at least periferrally). then go onto the dirt road, for about a mile. there is a new dirt road about 1/4 mile before this road gets back to the highway. you can see a metal gate. there is a large parking lot. go around the gate and up the road 1/2 mile or more, and eventually you will see a trail on the right. if you run into the beat up car, then you are close. look around. yes, that car is mine. i tried to go under the gate. perhaps i thought i was still on that four wheeler in mexico. anyway, from this trail, it is only about 10 minutes until you summit above the rock band with a nice view down to skyles lake, and the mccarthy residence. there is a small loop at the top, but instead of this, continue on the main trail, down under the cliff band, the best section so far. the trail weaves and wags for a few miles, intersects with a dirt road (not sure where this goes), stay on the trail. it intersects with the trail that goes to the skyles parking lot (more on that route tomorrow). keep on going. soon the trail intersects with the Gogan road (or driveway, depending on your deposition). you can cross this road and continue onthe trail down almost to beaver lake. you can easily get to the lake. take a deep breath, and plunge into the water. hop back on your bike and return to you car. estimated round trip, 2 hours. or do a shorter version.

this is a nice intermediate trail, with some good climbing and great fast sections. it is not very difficult, and certainly NOT a Freeride. it is a great start that will continue to grow and improve thru the summer and years into the future.

ron at glacier cyclery is starting a challenge to all local businesses to ride to work. contact him for more info, but it is always a good idea.

the website is up and running. take a look for info on trails week, starting with a 5 km run on sunday, june 6th.

should be a great summer.

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