Friday, April 16, 2010

spring is back!

not too much going on at this time of year. trail use took a two day hiatus with the super wet tuesday rain and snow. but things are drying quickly, and should be in great shape this weekend.
in the meantime, did anyone get in some powder turns? sure, it was heavy and some wind affect, but it was softer and deeper than much of anything for a couple of months. unless you have been smart to follow some more localized storms. the middle fork and east side have been getting some good snowfall in late march and early april.
but it is time, really to put the skis away and accept what mother nature has given us. fishing, boating, climbing, biking, running, all await.


  1. Boating yesterday on the Middle Fork was very nice with late summer flow levels still. It's a very friendly level to jump on right now. Warm temps are sure to bring it up relatively quick. Biking on going to the sun road is great. No hiker biker closures this weekend and already plowed past the loop. Be careful of the new snow and warm temps. It is still interesting avalanche conditions. Marias pass has also still been skiing well and I heard that you can nearly bike to Jackson Overlook on the east side already. A few people are talking about a trip into Jackson Glacier for some turns in the next couple of weeks. Rock climbing at Stone Hill has also been great. No ticks yet. ~ Greg Fortin

  2. thanks for the comment, but the ticks are now out.