Tuesday, April 20, 2010

tick season.

climbing season at stone hill means tick season. yes they are out. not in immense numbers. only two on six people, but still, need to watch out. but the climbing is in great shape. yesterday was mid 70's, no wind. perfect. today looks great too. heard the early season boating is good, but the water might be up. fishing i think is okay, but not dry fly season yet. unless anyone wants to divulge some more info. today is biking day, oh, and continuing to get ready for a wedding. i can see why people go to vegas and get it over with. way less work. but we are going to have, that's right, a TON OF FUN!!!, and then be hogs with 10 days in mexico. life is GREAT.

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  1. Middle Fork is coming up fast. 1-8 at the old bridge last night and rising. Surging and fun. Going to the Sun Road was wonderful over the weekend clean all the way past the loop. Not as much snow as I had hoped but it looks like Heavens could still have some good turns on the lower east side about a mile past Avalanche. Watch the river crossing. Avalanches have been numerous with the entire West Face of Cannon going to the ground as of recent and numerous debris piles along Mount Brown west face. No freeze thaw to speak of. Still lots of snow up high though. More sunny weather on the way!!! Ya spring in Montana.