Friday, April 2, 2010

3 days left

yep, just 3 more days, then it is all man powered skiing, unless you rode trip somewhere which is always fun. for me, with a wedding and honeymoon to mexico, my ski days are numbered. but it has been fun, despite the lack of snow. what a solid el nino effect it has been.

the skiing continues to hold up alright. not amazing, but it really has only been BAD a few times.

for something to do besides ski some corn and drink some beer, there is a really fun hockey tournament this weekend, at the stumptown ice den (the rink, duh). it is called the "Monty" in memory of one of our favorites on the ice and beyond, who passed away a few years ago in a work accident. we all still miss him. so now we (we-the many that play hockey throughout the winter months, plus some) get together for a final tourny to honor him with an all-inclusive round of games. men, women, good, bad, young old, all get to play. it is so fun, i will not be making any turns until sunday afternoon. and if you are worried that hanging out at the rink might curtail your late season beer responsibilities, don't. hockey viewing is greatly enhanced by beer. hope to see you.

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