Wednesday, January 13, 2010

too warm?

could it be too warm.  hard to say without getting out and skiing.  it did not seem like the snow was so warm as to freeze and be hard as a rock, but we should all know within time.  it sure has been beautiful the last few days though.  although i usually notice the scenery around me, having my relatives in town makes me realize how much i do not notice it.  as they stop several times throughout the day to take pictures, or just soak in the beauty, it makes me slow down and do the same.  it is not just about making turns and maximizing vertical, but just enjoying this great life.  you know, "smell the roses". 

i took my dogs on a short cross country ski on the nordic trails of yore, up at the resort.  a few others have been doing the same, so there is a broken trail.  for those who like to just walk around a bunch on skis, even if just for 30 minutes or so, but also want to make some turns, the cross country skiing at the area used to be a great alternative.  but without grooming  it is not as accessible anymore.  but if a few of us keep putting in a new track, we should be able to maintain something.
 i encountered a gal who was snowshoing, and i thanked her for not walking in the ski track.  unfortunately i found out she had only moved out of the track when she saw me.  lets try to be considerate of the different means of transport. 
 my relatives and i were able to fill out a small survey at the summit house, in exchange for a hot chocolate or coffee.  pretty easy if looking for a free drink.  in the box for the question of what could the resort do to make things better, i added a return to trail grooming on the nordic course.  anyone want to help me get the word out that it is still enjoyed and part of a high quality ski resort? 
that's about it today.  hoping for snow. 

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