Tuesday, January 5, 2010

big day

okay, we are back in business.  great snow conditions all over the area.  backcountry should be sweet, although considerable avy conditions. 
i just looked at the avalanche report from stan et. al, and it has not been updated yet today.  it is tuesday, and is supposed to be done, but is not.  humm!  what are they waiting for. 
well, since it was considerable on friday, and with greg's report from shield's, and with all the new snow, i would say likely still considerable.  super care on open slopes over 30 degrees.  hopefully all this warm snow will continue bonding and forming a protective cover over the lower ice layers and facets.  but if it forms a big slab, well, lookout!  which could really happen over the next 36 hours, as high winds are predicted.  perfect for transporting snow.

but for now, we are in store for some amazing skiing all over.  tons of new snow over the past week,  tons of people leaving town, everything is open.  more snow is coming.  and colder temps, which could break down some bonds in the snowpack, making for lighter skiing snow.  this looks like some ideal light snow on top of dense. 

will the lifts open on time?  with 11 new down low, and power off for much of the night, this is a big question.  and if not, how disgruntled will the masses be?  i know my main rant on the parking lots, which i am done with, will pose some issues, as the upper two lots will be empty all AM, while the powder hungry mobs will be slamming their cars wherever they fit.  may be my first ride on chair six for the year. 
see you all out there.  please send in comments on any walking about anyone is doing. 

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