Wednesday, January 6, 2010

new issues

okay, some concerning news to go along with the great and well known news.  so the bad (not yet) news first, since we all know how great the skiing has been.

the big mountain management is seriously considering shutting down all uphill traffic, once the area is open for skiing.  this would mean before and after hours too.  as of now, this is an unofficial discussion, and is not being acknowledged by management, but i have information leading me to believe there has been discussion with our area management with other resort.   although it is just now in the thought process, there has been communication with other resorts as to their policies.  and most other areas do not allow uphill traffic, especially during businesss hours. 

there are a few ideas about how to better control it, but the problem is that visitors have been complaining.  and let's face it, the day customer has WAY more sway than the local pass holder.  this is true in most every ski area in the usa.  so, what can we do. 

first off, stay to the sides of runs, regardless of traffic.  this is probably something we all do, but if you notice someone you know, or even don't, not paying regard to this basic common sense point, it cannot hurt to let them know.   
second, can we come up with one or two main routes to use?  this is something that might fly with the resort.  might be hard to regulate this, but if it can start with us, it will help.
third, and this is a tough one, but dogs are a big part of the problem.  they really want to eliminate dog travel during the ski season.  i love hiking the dogs, but it might be better pre and post seasons. 
this is all very early in the rule changing process, but it might be our time to have our voices heard.  polite letters or emails to the ski resort, conversations with patrol or management about alternatives or solutions.  this is something so many here take for granted, and i for one do not trust ski area management to cater to the local skier.  and as hard as it might be for me to admit this, it might be easier to fight on their terms than our own. 

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