Sunday, January 31, 2010

dry spell continues

not really too much to add in right now.  as we continue in a long dry spell.  the ski hill got two new last night, but really needs much more.  it is holding up okay, but friday's sun and warm really did not help, except for friday afternoon.  there might be some snow this week, but really not much is expected. 

the nordic skiing is on the other hand, fantastic.  although it took a hit with friday's sun as well.  but it is fast and furious. 

unfortunately, my trip to ovando did not result in any new terrain found.  ended up a solo trip.  (except carlos for a day, but that was more to help with a water heater than to ski) .  maybe this blog sets me on an island, or perhaps i was already there.  but i will say, there is huge potential there, and tons of cross country options for such solo trips. 

let's see what this weeks adventure to the Downing Mtn. Lodge, out of hamilton has to offer. 

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