Tuesday, January 19, 2010

holding up

i fully expected to find mostly icy, frozen, rutted CRAP!.  but i did not. sure it was chunky and stiff on the lower half of the mountain, but we have seen worse.  way worse.  surprisingly, the ski areas snow report was not too far off. sure, it is always spoken and written with great joy and cheer, as if everyday is an epic, but it was indeed good skiing today. 
and then it tried to snow. not much, but enough to warrant a phone call to the snowphone in the am.  over 4 new could make some really nice skiing. 

i think i finally found a solution to my personal issues with parking.  go skiing after 1 pm, specifically on days like today. mid week, okay at best skiing, cloudy but not snowing.  i mean, it was pick a spot, any spot.  the cedar lot was so empty and motion free, i was playing a full on game of "chuck-it" with the dogs, with no concerns of hitting a car with the ball, or of a car hitting a dog.  this reminded me of long ago days and conversations of an elusive pipe dream called "cool mtn"  .  more on this concept at some later date.  but for now, it is a place with great skiing, no crowds, great prices and super cheap beer. 
unfortunately i couldn't go for a "cool" beer today at the end.  other priorities, which, in and of itself, seems a contradiction to the true ski bum.  i will try to do better in the future. 


  1. Chris, I really enjoy the posts. As I've said before, it allows me to vicariously experience the days of yore. I miss those midweek days and that great Montana light. Just an update to those of you who are interested with what is going on down south (northern New Mexico). We have 3 systems lined up waiting to hammer us. The 1st one arrived today. it was predicted to deliver 1-3", but we got double that. close to 6" in town. Wolf Creek reported 10" and an area to the north of us (to remain nameless) reported 11". Strangely enough, Taos only reported 2". Maybe they're sandbagging. the next storm is due to arrive tonight (Tues.) with 6-10" expected in the mountains. The last storm comes in Thur. with the chance for the most precipitation. I swear the NOAA forecast that I get off the Pajarito site said "expect precipitation records to be broken" I have never seen that before. Needless to say there is excitement in the air. Pajarito is closed M-Th so I am praying for a snow day from school on Friday and massive accumulation until then. i will let you know how it turns out.

  2. thanks john. sounds like it has finally made it your way. keep us posted.