Wednesday, July 27, 2011

almost august

anyone still skiing? there is tons of snow to be had at logan pass, and word is it is suncupped but good. probably got some snow yesterday as well. floral park is still in, but is soon to be spotty. but you can ski to the first waterfall, and there is snow at the chalet.

i know there is plenty of snow at the chalet, as i have been helping porter weighty provisions to the granite park chalet, which has less snow than sperry. i may get to help carry a few last things to the latter chalet one more time as well, before horses can finally get all the way. there. not an exciting job, but getting some money to go power hiking is all right.

the rivers are coming down, so they are filling up with boaters floaters and fishers. RIGHT! it is time to swell, crash and fish. but don't kill the local fish, they need to live.

almost time to get out on some bigger rides, but the high country is still dubious. but there are several lower elevation rides calling out our names.

thursday night race league is up and running and offering some good competetion. i keep getting crushed, but at least i stayed ahead of my wife, who came in ripped up and bloody from a nasty fall. but she finished and actually did better than she had the week before. soon, i will be chasing her as well.

this sunday, the foys lake triathon returns. should be interesting for us, as we have not done much flat water boating. fulling expecting to come out of the water near the back. can i make up ground on tires or sneakers? but unless i drown or my bike breaks, i will finish and there will be cold beer.

and then it will be august!

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