Friday, July 8, 2011


man, sorry nothing has happened, but life has been full.

for those who like to mtn. bike, it has been a great past few weeks. all the valley trails are in great shape, the weather has been outstanding.

the new WF trail is in fantastic shape, and some of the new trail is up and running, though not officially open. but it is going to be great. after next summer the single track will go all the way around the lake and to the road, or close by. then we will see. but this year there is another 5+ miles coming on.

still lots of snow up high, so many epics are going to be more in september than august. but a great time to ride, so get in shape and get ready.

thursday night race league starts next week, july 14, up on the hill. should be fun.

went up to fernie for a long weekend of riding. totally different than here. very technical. rooty! GREAT downhills! every bit as confusing as here.

for those who are into boating and fishing, well,you are probably troubled with patience. it will come, than go thru the hot months, so there is that advantage. i prefer august anyway.

hiking is coming around. the east side and the outer edges of the mountain ranges offer the best non snow opportunities. but if you like snow, well, go skiing! i have not, but am sure there are still many great days to be had and some epics to be found. and if the park road crew ever gets out of bed, we will be skiing all summer

i will try to write a bit more. need life to settle down. but summer is here, days are long. life is too fun to not get out and enjoy what montana has to offer.


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