Friday, July 15, 2011


yep, it is summertime and the living, though not necessarily easy, what with work and all, but certainly, the living is good.

trails all over the valley are in great shape. riding, running or just walking the dog. dry, smooth and fun.

thursday night race league started last night, with over 70 riders, of all ages, from single digits to me. at least i felt like the oldest out there at times. but it was fun and i am still alive. my wife did great as well, even if she added a few minutes going off course accidentally.

riding throughout the valley is fantastic, but we are likely waiting for another month before getting into the big mountain epics. but at least the weather is often cooler by late august and september.

skiing is still going on in many respects. the going to the sun road is finally open, so we all know what that means. and the big mountains have tons to ski, just be mentally prepared for the bushwacking that it takes to get into the places that have a lot of snow. i went up into preston park this past sunday, and there is plenty of snow. an easy way is to go up the gunsight trail, as the snow no longer comes down to siyeh bend. also went to granite chalet. up the trail about 3 miles (less every day) and onto skis for the rest of your visit. so much snow. a few guys are hauling supplies up there, as they cannot take mules or horses for some time yet.

i have heard the fishing is starting to come around. slowly, ever so slowly, the rivers are coming down and clearing up. and the fish are sure to be HUNGRY!.

which also means it is time to get the boats out. sure, the real boaters have been out for months, but for those of us that are recreational, fair weather boaters, now is the time. fast, fun big rapids, sunshine and warm temps.

anyone else love summer?

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