Wednesday, August 3, 2011

more action

it has been a fun filled week, despite a decent work load and trouble in the home garden (ie. i just cannot find the time to weed the damn thing, and some of the desired plants are suffering. may be time to go to raised beds and drip irrigation)

sunday was the foys lake triathon. a "paddlethon". canoeing or some form of water transport, but not swimming, a mtn. bike ride and a trail run. all in all,it went well, but the run (for this non runner) was not what i would call fun. but i was only passed once on the run, and it was early, by a team player, who was flying. otherwise, i think i did okay. once things got into the water, we all seemed to find our spots, and not much changed. after that, i passed a few folks on the bike ride, and one gal on the run. as with so many triathons, it is so much about the water portion. my wife did so much better (relatively).

i also did my last porter load up to Granite Park Chalet. with the heavy snow and lack of melt this year, they have only just begun to be able to get horses and mules up to this chalet. they still cannot get all the way to Sperry. so some of us humans have been doing the job. some money. i thought of it as "paid training". about as close as i could ever come to getting paid for an athletic endeavor. but we are done, as horses and mules can do what our team of four takes a week or more, in a morning. the crew at Granite was very happy to have its first fresh fruit, vegies and yogurt in over a month.

the fishing is in. just look at the rivers. looking smoother and more clear every day. finally.

and of course, the riding just remains great. still some issues for any high mountain epics, but otherwise, we are in the midst of a great summer of mountain biking.

any good stories out there?

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