Thursday, March 31, 2011

last day of march

march always seems like the longest month to me. but it has stayed winter, at least in the high country, so most of the skiers should be happy.

yes, last post i talked about hitting the high/high country. but rain and snow continue to come, and the trees are the safer place to be. it has been wet, but with decent gear and the right attitude, there has been plenty of skiing and powder. yep, powder.

i admit i am ready to get out the mountain bike and hit some trails, but i have to admit, i am likely going to need to go desert bound for that, which is not an option this year. so powder, wet and cold, will be the dessert de-jour.

eventually the weather will stabilize (july?) and it will be time to get up high. until then, take what we got. enjoy the last few weeks of the mountain being open, enjoy a long spring of hiking the hill after it closes, get out into the real world of peaks and chutes when the time is right.

and then get out the dry suit and hit the rivers, the wet weather gear and hit the trails, and i am sure some rivers will show some good fishing opportunities, but not sure when. need to talk to the experts on that one.

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  1. Don't burn your spring trip on the desert. May. Front Range. Climbing, A-Basin, Peak skiing, boating.