Thursday, March 17, 2011


yeah, it was a powder day. but please, do not call this one "epic" or even "great". it was a fun day with some new thick snow on top of a very firm old pack. occasionally you could float above the old crust, but mostly you knew it was there. that is just the way it is with spring skiing.
not to say i won't take it. 8" new is still a good time, and worth getting up early for.

the ski patrol saw lots of slab action of new snow and windload, and ted has a great video on the GCAC obs page. just when you maybe think, okay this one is solid again, come tap 28 from the shoulder,and watch out! the potential for big rippers propogating both across and stepping down the snowpack is outstanding. it might take some work, or perhaps a big face plant, but there is a fragility deep in the pack that calls for the utmost caution.

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