Wednesday, April 6, 2011

back to winter

well, peak skiing has probably not been the top of the list this past week, as winter has returned, with lots of new snow and more time in powder and the trees. after some too warm weather creating some gloppy conditions, things cooled off over the weekend and another foot has dropped.

with only five days left on the hill, it seems like some people are burnt out on winter and ready for spring, as it has been empty. sure, we could all enjoy some sun and spring conditions, but it is what it is, and the sun will come. i am ready to hop on my bike so much, but i guess as long as it is snowing, i am going.

of course, the end of the season always brings on some fun events, such as last frabert, pond skim ( the only redeeming value of the pond skim is it seems like income to our friend and bartending extradinaire, raggy) but i still miss the furniture race. unique to the world and crazy fun. sure, it was dangerous, but so is life. last day is always a blast. the party at the top, a huge crowd at the stube polishing off the last of scott's beer and perhaps their beer cards. and for those who still go, the patrol party is still a hoot. but don't drink and drive. take a cab. it is not like our city cops don't know what day it is.

then for employees, it is one more day, but for the rest of us, it is usually back to work, a bit of a hollow feeling knowing the lifts are closed and the comraderie that is winter and having one place to congregate is over. but summer, when it comes really makes this place special, so truly, it becomes just another season of the year to look forward to.

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