Thursday, March 10, 2011


while ugly in town, and likely to be rain on half the hill, the depth up top, might, just might be worth the drive up, for a few wet turns. i think i will sit it out until mid afternoon and go for max wet depth.

yesterday finally did something i have been considering since the whole uphill policy debate began last winter.

hike up at the end of the day, ski off into the canyon, then climb back up the backside. can they regulate this? i don't know, or care. it totals more actual climbing and hiking, more skiing, as you get a run into the canyon, and more peaceful. it is fun coming up the backside after hours. in the past, the only times i have done this were when i missed the last chair, and one time when the chair was down, and we had skins and said, f-it.

the skiing in the creek remains super good, but this new wet stuff could make it more interesting. will this rain finally cause problems with earlier freeze layers? probably best right now to let this storm cycle thru and settle, and maybe get some colder temps. but hey, do what feels best. it could be deep.

search and rescue and nordic ski patrol got called out late last night, as two snowboarders lost their way near Zip's Place cabin, up past essex. what were they thinking? no avy gear, and even worse, no mode of snow travel. they were boot packing, and were into waist deep snow and stuck. they did have the wherewithal to at least start a fire and hunker down and wait for help. they were found sometime after 2 am, and were safe and okay. apparently is was raining pretty hard, but at least they were not caught in an avalanche.

what does it take to get more info and education to the masses?

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