Saturday, December 11, 2010

new snow and other delights

what a whopper yesterday was. early season pow days, and just a few people around to tear it up. okay, the local herds got after it pretty good, and by mid afternoon, it was plenty beat up. still good skiing, but no clear lines left. i tried some of the lower mountain tight tree lines, and although they were clear, the snow still needs to fill in some, as they are TIGHT!

the forecast for the hills is about as good as it gets. tons of snow in the next 5 days. in town, the temps are drifting upwards, and it looks like rain. lets hope for some luck on the temps and let the valley snow grow, making for excellent nordic and xmas conditions.

take a look at the GCAC website i believe, or the nordic ski patrol's website, for two cool open house, open forum discussions coming up the next two tuesdays, one on weather, the other on backcountry ski conditions. should be better than the usual lecture series.

i also have been meaning to write about the great dog conditions we have had so far this year.

preseason was perfect. great snow, no rules, and plenty of dogs everywhere. i heard not ONE complaint from management. that is what pre and post season are all about. and so far dogs have been having a blast in the parking lots. i hope i am not jinxing this, and it continues. it is nice to bring the hounds along and let them get some play time with other canines and their owners, instead of being ignored at home. let's all pitch in and keep it clean, and maybe, just maybe, we can continue to enjoy the freedoms for ourselves and our beloved pets.

lastly, as usual, a caution for the backcountry. with this new snow, and plenty of bad layers, it is now time to really start paying attention. we have sun crusts, wind crusts, surface hoar on the north sides, and lots of new snow. great skiing for sure, but don't go jumping on wind loaded pockets on any exposures. i just don't think enough bonding has occured.

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