Thursday, December 2, 2010

two more days

yes, the bad news is there is a crust. many of us assumed it was a rain layer, but after talking with an employee from the mountain (one who works outside, not at a desk), it only rained at the very bottom of the hill. but on tuesday, just for a brief time, it warmed up enough to create some moisture on top of the snowpack, which then refroze. regardless, it is a frozen layer.

that being said, the skiing was still okay. and the coverage supreme. the same employee said he believes they are opening all runs on saturday, which is as it should be. imagine, opening up 100% (oops, i bet this will not include west bowl, which could mean some great sneaks).

but do not forget about this new layer. and there is plenty of windblown snow and layering about as well.

if you look at this post, read the next few. some good things coming on line.

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