Tuesday, August 30, 2011

more riding adventures

it sure was a fun summer doing the race league up on the big mountain. but it had its consequences. MA took a few hard falls, but managed to finish each race, but her last fall is a costly one. falling hard on her wrist near the end of her second and final lap, she tore some tendons, and now has to have surgury. no riding for another 4-6 weeks.

then i had my hardest fall in recent memory. i got tangled up with a rider faster that me, as he tried to pass. i mistook what side he was on. once we collided, our handle bars got tangled, and there was no corrective action. over the handle bars we both flew, and had we been able to go in slow motion, it could have been an outtake from a Jay and Silent Bob movie. "boy, this is going to hurt, isn't it?" "sure will, got insurance?" "hope the bikes don't break". then wam and a cloud of dust, massive scraps, bruises and ego busting. i heard it described as "epic" from a rider behind us who saw the entire thing.

so after my initial thought to go straight to the bar, my competitive side came back. i quickly tried to get back on my bike, as i heard a wave of cries of "Noooo" and get out of the way, from the second group coming at high speeds down the same hill i had just nearly died on. to stay in their way would be to cause another accident, with more people. i jumped off the trail, and now my adreneline was REALLY pumping. back on the bike, but it did not work. i had not taken a look at it. the chain was off, and later i found out i had broken a spoke. still, i took to the coure again, just ahead of my crash test dummy, whose handle bars had twisted 180 degrees. out group was far gone, the second group was mostly gone, but we were ahead of the third group. eventually i got my head back in the game, caught just one from our group, but finished the race, cleaned myself up, and headed to the Stube, to find out on closing night, the Beer Was Free!! i think i deserved it, so helped myself to a few, and made a pretty good night of it.

there is no moral to this story. just some fun and hard lumps.

and still plenty of time left this year to head into the hills and get in some big mountain rides.

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