Monday, November 8, 2010

what will the weather do?

it seems ready to change, this weather, but some beautiful sunny and warm days melted away much of our lower snowpack, which is not surprising. so while we wait for real winter to come, i have been trying to get in a last few bike rides, some trail runs, and for the first time ever, i am going to hunt. i have learned that the best time to hunt for bucks is the latter half of november, as that is when they are in their rut, and easier to bring in for a close and safe shot. so even in this endeavor, i am waiting.

so as usual, it is a month of not that much to do. oh, there is firewood to finish up, and the last of the fall projects, and trying to get outside enough to not go insane, but really, unless you are hunting full time, or down in the warm sunny desert, november is not the best month around here. soon enough though, we will all be whooping it up in the mountains, and on the hill. ice will form, nordic tracks will be groomed and we will once again have more to do then there is time for.

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