Saturday, November 20, 2010

cold front

just when it looked like a great weekend to go hike up the hill or perhaps somewhere else for some early season turns, the weather has taken a bit of a nasty turn. sure, some will still parade upwards, but i believe the majority of us are trying to find some more comfortable ways of enjoying ourselves.

word has it there is a pretty good snowpack in place, although likely to have some minor rain crusts. but with this and other wind, it may be that crust is somewhat isolated. i still have not gone, as other things continue to take precedence, and with this cold and wind predicted until thanksgiving, it is unlikely i will be seen up there until the weather turns. regardless, it sounds like a pretty good start, and all we can hope to do is add snow.

likewise for the weather, many a hunter was sure to be excited by the drop of a few inches of snow in the valley, and of course more up high. this snow will drive the beasts down towards the valley. add in that the bucks seem to finally have gone into their rut, and it spells out a perfect weekend for bloodying ones hands pulling the guts out of a fresh kill. but for me, this wind and cold makes the prospect of sitting still in a tree stand, or moving slowly through the woods not particularly attractive. am i getting old and wimpy? or old and wise? or neither, is it just me?

fortunately i have another convenient excuse, as i recuperate from a small procedure from which i am supposed to abstain from strenuous activity for another week. so if the weather changes by thanksgiving weekend, which surely it must, then it spells out a perfect time to break out the skis, take my gun for a walk, and enjoy the spoils of a store bought turkey freshly killed by our hutterite friends from the east side.

hope to start seeing more of you in the near future, and hearing from you about places you are finding some nice turns, and conditions to be aware of.

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