Wednesday, November 3, 2010

no skiing for me

yeah, i missed out. i was planning to go on sunday, but woke to rain and medium temperatures, so decided to watch football and go for a bike ride. it is going to be a long season, so i don't feel the need to go just to go, but now with this warm and sunny weather, and watching the snowline creep up the hill, i have my regrets. but not as many as i am feeling this day after election day. if you side with last night's dominant party, then let's see some action and results, not just empty talk. but with separate parties in control, and a president set on his agenda, it could be two more years of bi-partisianship, bickering and the american public left holding the ruins.

but politics are not what this blog is about, so sorry for the degression. we are experiencing seoond "Indian Summer" so enjoy the sun and warmth while we have it, for as i said in the opening paragraph, it promises to be along winter.

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