Thursday, October 28, 2010


read this!!

On another note there has been 25 -30 inches of fresh snow on the summit and 14 at the base. Conditions are heavy wet snow in the lower elevations and lighter unconsolidated snow up top. Base is starting to form with the settling of the wet snow and the freezing temps at night. The warm ground may result in the formation of depth hoar in the coming weeks but is a good start to the season. There were a good number of folks skiing today and it was ski able from top to bottom. Good time had by all. Keep in touch. Skiing should still be good tomorrow as it was still snowing when I left this afternoon and temps were cool. Bring rock boards...... ~

okay, it is not even halloween, and the hordes and diehards have made their way up the hill, to some very nice turns and scratches, so i have been told. but it is a start, and if we can keep the temps cool, especially at night (refreezing), and add some white precip, we should be off to a great start.

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