Monday, October 4, 2010

fall trip

well, i took our poor weather back east with me, on our trip to RI to visit family and friends. and left behind what sounds like some perfect fall weather. so you are welcome for that.

unfortunately, i seem to have brought the weather back! sorry for that.

but it looks better later in the week.

it was a great trip regardless. got some time at the beach, got a tour of boston harbor in a small aluminum dingy, got to providence in a heavy fog, got to swim in the ocean (i have twice been in the water since i have been back, and the water here is WAY more frigid). it is so easy to swim in a lake compared to the ocean or even a bay. but that is part of the fun.

so now we are fully into autumn. time to finish fall projects, put away gardens (don't forget to plant your garlic before the end of the month) get in a few more bike rides and other adventures. of course, there is still time to climb, as the cooler weather is ;much more conducive to this activity. and then, just around the corner, it is time to start looking at the quiver and decide what ski equipment might be needed. are we headed for a big winter? too early to tell, but after a pretty slow one in 2010, i am certainly hoping so.

oh, hockey has started, as the rink opened a solid three weeks earlier than last year. i haven't been yet, but heard it has been crowded, as is typical to start the year. and there is word out there that there will be more curling time, and better times, available this year. need something new to do? this might be worth a try.

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