Tuesday, October 12, 2010

blue skies

looking out the window at a nearly perfect autumn day. it is sunny and getting warmer. and finally, we had our first real frost this morning. i got some garden stuff done yesterday, just in the knick of time. of course, i had pretty much written off a few things once we left on our trip to the east coast, from the last entry, but since things were still going well thru this past weekend, i was happy to pull a few more squash, tomatillas, onion tops, etc. now all that is left is potatoes, carrots, and onions. it turned out to be a pretty good summer in the garden. except for the clean-up and put away that is left.

with fall hunting season about to begin, snow cannot be too far behind. only a couple of weeks left to ride the bike without concern. of course, i still ride once the hunt is on, but i am sure to wear bright colors, maybe put some flourescent flagging on my helmet and take care.

today would likely be a good day to hit the river for some fall fishing, but instead, i think i will try and get some deck staining done, as there are only a few days left when the stain might dry. although tomorrow might be a good day for warm weather as well, i do have some work duties that are calling me away. too bad.

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