Monday, August 9, 2010


anyone get caught out in that huge storm on friday? i was lucky and was in transit from seeley lake where i spend two days at the Big Larch campground swimming and boating, and missed the storm entirely. but it sounds like it was a doozy. and a few people got their gardens messed up, but mine seemed to fair just fine. and this has been a great summer for the garden. after a slow start in april, may and june, things have been great with plenty of water and sun.

going back to seeley lake, that campground is pretty much on the beach and very clean and comfortable. a great spot for kids, as there were tons in this group i joined. it was even pretty dog friendly, as far as usfs campgrounds go. they were allowed off leash in your own site and within voice command, and at the beach they had to stay away from the main swimming area, but otherwise were fine. of course there were the typical grouchy people who have never let their dogs or their own minds off a leash, and if they had another dog come within 10 feet were nervous nelly's, but i tried to not get too sarcastic, and keep my pets away. staying there really made me wonder about owning my own place on the water somewhere. anyone know of a decent lake with quasi affordable property. i mean, something less than $100k/acre or $300k for a small cabin? okay, i didn't think so, but if you ever see anything, let me know.

not much else to report, just life in august, when the temps are staying in the low 80's is about as good as it can be.

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