Tuesday, August 31, 2010


yep, it sure seems like fall is here. dark until nearly 7am, cooler days, some moisture is back. it was a short summer, but it is montana. i am sure we will have some hot weather still this year, but it is best to accept the autumn season and all it has to offer.

if you have not already begun, and have a garden in place, start watching for frost. i always look for night time lows below 38 before i worry. at that point, cover the fragile plants, like tomatoes, the squash family, basil. if you miss it, but wake up early, you can water the garden just before the sun comes up to wash the frost off. this fends off the killing of the plant.

is it too early to start thinking about winter? some parts of the country are already looking toward a mild winter. fortunately, for what i know, these are areas that desire just that. like urban and city dwellings. personally, i am hoping for a normal winter, or even some la nina to bring on the goods. since we might be looking at snow up high (and is some places already have), it is never too early to think winter.

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