Friday, August 27, 2010


as great as the weather has been, summer is indeed winding down. i don't really even like to think about it, but the other night, as i read out on the deck until i had to use artificial light. i came in and started to get ready for bed, looked at the clock and it was barely 9:30! and it was dark. oh, the longest of the summer days are once again behind us as we begin to look forward to the fall colors and brisk mornings.

the garden, though filled with weeds, continues to produce greatly. at this time, there really is no need to weed, except for athsetics (sp?). clean up of the entire mess is just around the corner with all the other pre-winter chores, so why hasten to them. i am trying to squeeze as much summer out of summer as possible.

and this weekend looks more like a late september weekend of weather than late august. cool, cloudy and some wet. i am hoping it is just saving up for a fabulous labor day stretch of perfect weather. warm, clear and bright night lights sparkling.

our weather here remains a source of humor, if you look at it correctly. on sunday we went to the fair and watched the ponies. with only a rain jacket, and foolishly wearing shorts, i found myself not just cool, but cold. only raggie had the foresite to bring a cap. i could have used pants, sweater and hat. then it heats up thru thursday, maybe the hottest day of summer, and then back into the 60's for the weekend. what else can one do but laugh and shake our heads and remark "montana weather!"

still, there are endless arenas of fun at this time. all the trails are clear, all the water warm, the fish are rising, the flowers are still blooming (a true blessing of a cool, moderately moist summer)and hopefully we are all in mid summer shape for whatever strokes our hearts fancies the most.

and this just in, bow hunting season starts in just over a week, for those that live the better part of the year waiting for just that. oh, and football season begins too. it must be fall on the horizon.

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