Friday, December 9, 2011

skiing anyone?

well, i have found a bit of skiing in the BC that is not too bad, and in fact, is quite good. but, since i did not go there on my own volition, i cannot say exactly where, since i have been reprimanded for this practice before. but let's just say the places that are okay right now are the same ones we often go to early in the season, when other prospects just have too much bushwacking to justify the effort. anyone got a heli?

our beloved mountain continues to lack snow, but i did ski down the face on tuesday, and it was okay. thin and risky, but decent turns. Tony Matt now has enough snow, and has had enough groomer traffic that it is skiable to the bottom, so this becomes a more viable option. with the resort opening tomorrow, we are really going to need to add snow, as the weekend will certainly trash what is there.

if you have time and some money, head north, as much of BC continues to do well, as a massive high pressure system out in the pacific has pushed storms to the north, not allowing them to make it to us. "none shall pass" as the saying goes in the old Monty Python flick.

so that is really all there is right now. can probably still get on the bike if you want to fend off the cold and a bit of snow, but i have resolved to leave mine in the carport, hanging for the winter, happy with a good summers use.

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