Friday, December 2, 2011

rich marriott

hello all,

sorry for such an informal, mass email. yesterday, reading the pilot (proof that every now and then you can read something of worth in this "rag"), i saw a story on Rich Marriot. he has a rare cancer that is affecting his immune system, and of course, his insurance (how many of us have insurance we "assume" will be there when we need it. but of course, we don't need any kind of fix to our health care system) is refusing to cover much of his expenses. many of you may not know him, but if you have ever skied off the Big Mountain, i bet you have heard names that are directly tied to him, or he was part of (ex. Marriot's, Chicken Bones, Deviled Egg). anyway to keep this short, there is a fundraiser tomorrow night, Saturday, December 3, at the Moose Lodge in Whitefish. Starting at 5 pm, it is a chili dinner, with music (the Bad Larry's), live and silent auction and more. this is one of those "must" events, in my mind.

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